Another dimension breached. Loved ones replaced by imposters. Now she must ask if this is real, because the danger is very real in this scifi thriller

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Sideways: A Sci-Fi Thriller: Vivid... Fimiliar, and yet you are unsure... Great illustrative author, brings your thoughts into the focus of the story line. This is an exciting introduction to the author, can't wait for what is next.


After finding a mysterious old scientific text in her College’s library, young Danni Spivey is pulled headfirst into what at first seems to be a long forgotten experiment aimed at intradimensional travel. Diving deeper into the mystery, however, she becomes a vector for a phenomenon that begins replacing her loved ones. In their place are identical facsimiles, some of which are benign, while some seem to mean her harm. Her once loving boyfriend Ogden has been replaced by a hateful and manipulative man who shares his face, voice, and smell. At the same time, Danni wrestles with the idea that she might actually be losing her grip on reality. Perhaps the only thing changing in her world, is her perception of it. A tightly contained thriller that asks how far we might be willing to stretch our own deniability when finally coming face to face with the world as it truly is. Time is running out for Danni to decide what to do, and either choice will change her life forever.

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“Footsteps in the mud outside. Squelching, stomping plops. It didn’t speak. Danni did not know how to feel right then. Part of her still wanted it to be Her Oggy outside, to turn the corner and talk to him, to say she was sorry and beg for his forgiveness.

But the part of her brain she thought of as reasonable told her that, no, that was not her high school boyfriend outside. That was a mad dog from God knew where. She would have to defend herself.”