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Another dimension breached. Loved ones replaced by imposters. Now she must ask if this is real, because the danger is very real in this scifi thriller

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Sideways: A Sci-Fi Thriller: Vivid... Fimiliar, and yet you are unsure... Great illustrative author, brings your thoughts into the focus of the story line. This is an exciting introduction to the author, can't wait for what is next.
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Sideway Graphic Novel

A door to another world. Loved ones twisted and evil.

After finding a mysterious old scientific text in her college’s library, young Danni is pulled headfirst into what at first seems to be a long forgotten experiment with dark goals. Diving deeper into the mystery, however, she finds that her loved ones have been replaced by imposters.

How far do the changes go?

Can she trust these creatures wearing their skin?

Where did they come from and how can she put them back?

While struggling with the answers to these questions, Danni wrestles with the idea that there may be more going on.

What if this is not real?

Time is running out for Danni to make a decision, and either choice will change her life forever.

You’ll love this artfully crafted thriller graphic novel adaptation of the Novella of the same name, because everyone’s greatest fear is seeing the ones we love become strangers.

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Fake Eyes

A story of Love and Monsters.

When Michael finally asks out the girl of his dreams (well, she asks HIM) he's ecstatic. He soon finds out however, that there's much more to Andie than meets the eye. Not only is she not human, she could be incredibly dangerous to him and to everyone around him. He has to find her true intentions with him and avoid others of her kind all while trying to figure out the perfect birthday gift for her.

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KR Hinton

Novelist, Creator, and Illustrator

KR Hinton is an author and graphic artist living in the American Midwest. When he's being pretentious at parties, he calls himself a visual storyteller, but he just wants to entertain readers. He enjoys spooky stuff, and stories of the strange, but also tales of up close and personal relationships with real characters.

He loves cerebral tv and movies, and likes to think he's just as smart as those creators. The jury is still out on that. His personal philosophy, is that thrillers, suspense, and horror give us a safe way to encounter the macabre.