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  • Updating Site and Deviantart
    I’m going through and updating this site’s portfolio as well as my presence on Deviantart. I do have more art (a lot more) on Devart, as well as really really old and disturbing things. So it’s worth a look if you want to see more of my stuff. In other news, I’m going to start …
  • Sideways Tea
    So as you may or may not know, I co-host a Podcast with good friend Sarah Wilke, mostly focusing on slice-of-life topics. It’s also a great chance to drink in my radiant wit. You can find Life’s Honest Tea on Soundcloud or Spotify as of this writing, although I’m working on getting it submitted to …
  • Publishing!
    I’ve got new stuff available! During my quiet time on this site, I’ve got some new stuff available! First of all, I’ve published a short Novella, Sideways, and it’s now available just about anywhere you like to read books, including on my own Store (but also on Amazon, Apple Books, Google Play and Books, Barnes …
  • Speech Freaks
    Test, this was only a test.
  • Zero Lux

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Kyle Hinton is a creator, storyteller, and Illustrator living in Indiana. He enjoys thinking of new ideas to try and working with awesome people!

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