New Stuff!

During my quiet time on this site, I’ve got some new stuff available! First of all, I’ve published a short Novella, Sideways, and it’s now available just about anywhere you like to read books, including on my own Store (but also on Amazon, Apple Books, Google Play and Books, Barnes and Noble, etc etc.)


Sideways can be read on the Apple Store

An Audiobook edition is in production now (thankfully not voiced by me but a very talented friend) and will be available just about anywhere you can get audiobooks (again including Audible, Apple, Google Play, Chirp, etc.) I’ll update here when that is available.

Next, there is a graphic novel version of the same story that is available now on Amazon, as well as on my Store again. Hopefully soon it will be available on Drive-Thru comics as well. If you grab the book from my store, you can also get a bundled, special edition that you can’t get anywhere else!

Sideways the Graphic Novel is available on Amazon

Last but not least, you can get a shiny copy of Zero Lux Chapter 1 on Amazon as well, but of course you can also visit my Store for that last bit too. Plus there’s chapters 1-8 on the store (8, at the time of this writing, is currently in progress on Webtoons, so if you bought it now, you’d have it before anyone else.)

See you guys in a bit, more fun stuff to come!