So as you may or may not know, I co-host a Podcast with good friend Sarah Wilke, mostly focusing on slice-of-life topics. It’s also a great chance to drink in my radiant wit.

The Life’s Honest Tea podcast on Spotify

You can find Life’s Honest Tea on Soundcloud or Spotify as of this writing, although I’m working on getting it submitted to Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Pocket Casts, etc. This has been a lot of fun so far and has turned me on to the possibility of doing my own separate podcast, though I don’t know about what just yet.

One idea is a podcast I’m calling ‘Extended Universes’ where I deep dive into pop culture franchises that have Extended Universes, official or unofficial. This might mean that I spend a couple months detailing the history of the Star Wars extended universe, including the books, fan films, games and more. Or I might dive into the largely unknown (to the mass audience) Stephen King Universe, which ties books like Salem’s Lot directly into the Stand, among many others. I could also try my hand at the Marvel Cinematic Universe…although I think a series about the Comics would be warranted if I could find a guest willing to do the legwork.

The second idea is for a podcast focusing on being a creative individual, and what that means in today’s largely disconnected world. Getting work, to getting paid, to getting ‘good’. This one sounds interesting and would be a lot less work on the research end, but the audience isn’t quite as niche.

Whatever I decide to do, I’ve got the bug, and although the podcast market is highly saturated, I think it could be a fun experiment, at least!

Another fun update, the Sideways Novella is now available on Amazon! You can also find everywhere else Sideways is available at my Universal Book Link (UBL), Here. and again, at my Gumroad Store (link in menu).

Hopefully more exciting things are coming soon!

Listen to Life’s Honest Tea, me and Sarah Wilke’s Podcast!

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